New Tunes! New Shows (But Not Our Shows)! Old Star Trek!

Hi, team.

1) Science Club is getting back on the wagon. I’m back from NJ, so that means a lot less sitting around coffee shops writing news stories that range from “poor” to “mega-poor” and a lot more making rock music that ranges from “poop” to “mega-poor.” Here’s a link to a new SC demo, a little ditty we’re tentatively calling “Scares.” It is a way rough cut: not only is it even more poorly recorded than other demos, it is a bare-bones, stripped down version with just me on guitar. This way, if we play the song for you sometime and you think that it sucks, you will know not to blame Nick and Joe, who are probably just doing their best not to laugh at me while I grunt and struggle to fit into these pants.

2) Our friends / nemisi in The Next Big Thing are playing at the Troc this Sunday, May 16. The show starts at 1:30, and those handsome dudes are playing for some sort of large cash prize. You should go here and see about getting some tickets. So let’s go see em, cheer for them really loud so they win, then ROB THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS BLIND!

3) I watched a boat-load of ST:TNG in the last few days, so I’ll have more to say here in a few days. In the mean time, check this out:

Science Club – Scares (Super Rough Demo)

Kisses & Fishes,