Science Club: Still a Thing!

Blurred for your safety

From the Next Big Thing's record release show. We were the worst / fastest band there.

Hello, Team.

Happy 2011 to all.

Science Club will hopefully do the following things in the next few months:

  • Record some manner of demo / EP, complete with album art and (potentially) physical copies for purchase.
  • Play at least a few shows, including one in Brooklyn NY, where I promise to get dangerously drunk and make everyone feel uncomfortable. This show may potentially feature our frenemies in the Next Big Thing, whose most recent EP features the best album-closing punk song since “The Disaster March.”
  • I haven’t run this by Joe and Nick yet, but I’d like to make a T-shirt. Not that I really expect anyone to shell out money for a Science Club shirt, but I feel the best way to prove that you were ever a band is to get a t-shirt made, because then there is physical proof you existed, but no audio evidence of shitiness, so I can lie to people in the future about how awesome it was the one time my band opened up for Japanther in someone’s basement in Philadelphia.

In the mean time, here are a few demos for you to scoff at. The first one is a wordless-as-recorded punk song, titled “Morris County Recycles” here, but will be forever known as “I’m Proud of My Cub Scout” everywhere else. The second is a Christmas song I wrote solely because I had limited-time access to a ukulele. I’ve always liked the idea of writing a Christmas song, but the enterprise is much more difficult in practice than one would realize.

Morris County Recycles

I Am Going To Destroy You (Merry Christmas)

– Nate


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