You Know What I Want To Say But I Can’t Get It Out

Science Club played an arguably successful show in Philadelphia on Friday. Many people need to be thanked:

  • Thanks to the friendly bartender who showed us how to use the bar’s soundsystem. You could have been a real snotty douche about that and you took the high road instead. I’m so jazzed on that, I don’t even mind you hitting on my girlfriend.
  • Thanks to the guitar player from the second band for letting me use your amp. Again, douch-ness could have run rampant here in so many ways, but you decided to just up and show me where the “drity” knob was and let it fly. Good look, my man. I’m glad so many people danced during your set.
  • Thanks to the guitar player from the third band for rocking a horrible mustache. Your Claudio Sanchez-meets-Cedric Bixler look was a constant source of enjoyment for me. This should be of no consequence to you, of course. Your band is from Brooklyn and that look is practically jumping the shark up there. Not to mention, you rocked the house pretty sufficiently, so fuck me, right? Good on ya, either way.
  • Thanks to J. Fox for letting us open the show. I know that, because I am friends with these dudes, everything I say is suspect but I do not understand why this band isn’t a group of mega-stars. If you are into the whole lo-fi, garage-sensibility, 90s-revival going on right now, you need to check out this band. I’ve been jealous of plenty of songwriters in my day, but never as much as I am of Justin and Dan (probably because I can reach out and touch them).
  • Thanks to friends Jim and Stu for coming out.
  • Most important of all, thank you, Super Drunk Woman who is Turning 30 Next Month. You danced to all of our songs, asked them to be shorter, asked us to play longer, called us “Science Stuff” and eventually fell asleep face-down at the bar. You were the MVP of the whole she-bang, and I will remember you always.

We’re recording an EP at the end of February. More updates as that happens.

Set List:

All the old hits, some of the new hits.

  1. Song in the Sea
  2. Video Killed the Radio Star
  3. Funky C
  4. Scares
  5. I’m Proud of Your Cub Scout
  6. Dancing in the Dark
  7. Go Boldly
  8. The Best Ever Death Metal Band

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