All These Cops Are Trying to Bring us Down

Devil eyes

Joe Pelone: History's Greatest Lover?

Nick and I practiced for our show in Brooklyn this past Sunday. Joe wasn’t there because he doesn’t love us anymore.

We worked on older songs that I had written later in 2010 / early 2011. A couple of them sounded pretty good. I think people will really like “The Best Punk Band in the World.” I think, with a little work “RPGs” will be a great song, kind of a different look for us. We’ve got one called “Cover Bands” that Nick does some great backing vocals for.

More importantly, Nick and I wrote a song together called … well, I forget what we called it, but I named it “Straight Edge Irony” on my iTunes. It’s a silly song, but I like it a lot. Some of my favorite Science Club tunes come from when we write songs together (“Funky C,” “Go, Boldly”). Feels good to do that again.

Look for this on a fictional 7″ single bundled with “The Mighty Us” and “Scrapbook.”

Straight Edge Irony



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