They Think I’m Big Meech

Daddy Fat Sax

A few notes from our show in NYC this past weekend:

– Thanks to Ruben for running all the sound for us. After the show, he complimented me for Science Club’s brevity of set, which probably doesn’t read very well but, trust me, it was a very well-intentioned, well-received compliment.

– Props as well to my friends in The Actual Balls for letting me sing along during “We Laugh at Danger and Break All the Rules.” They ripped it up. Also, they covered a song by Titus Andronicus, which is the number one way to my heart.

– Thanks as well to Jewel Heist, the loudest band I have ever heard in my life.

– Swimclub must be mentioned because they fucking killed it. Seriously, why aren’t you listening to Swimclub right now? There was no better band to close that gig.

Nick and Joe drove up with my girlfriend, who almost broke up the band. Nick bought a giant rice crispy treat. It was the size of a small television. We ate the shit out of it. Friday night, Nick and Joe slept on the floor even though there was a couch open. They are silly.

Saturday I drank all of the beer. Joe had one or two and Nick ate all the cookies he could. After our set, I continued to drink everything and Joe and Nick went to get food, then coffee, then see the sunlight. They had to leave early. I stuck it out and said inappropriate things. I was really rude to two of the bands, but fuck them because they were 1) dicks and 2) not friendly.

We made over $3,200 for IAVI. We had very little to do with that, but it was still totally cool to be a part of it.

There are pictures and video of all of this somewhere. I will find it.


We kind of sucked on Saturday. Not practicing + trying a new set list = near failure. People say that they liked us and I have no reason to not believe them, but I think we can do better. Next show is at the end of April. I imagine this set list will look vastly different then.

1) Video Killed The Radio Star (Soon to be retired, I think)
2) Song in the C
3) Funky C (Retired?)
4) Dancing in the Dark (Far and away the best time this song was received)
5) Go Boldly
6) Scares
7) Us (This needed some work.)
8) The Mighty Us (Awesome)
9) Cub Scout
10) Death Metal

Thank you to everyone who came. I love you.