(Shut) Up the Punx!

Y'all done fucked up now

Poor guy

This is what the Science Club album cover is going to look like, EXCEPT WITH A FEW KEY DIFFERENCES. Buckle up.


Everyone Floats Down Here

This is where death lives.

Don't be afraid...

Science Club has begun practicing at my new house in the northewest. Specifically, we are practicing in my four-chamber Murder Basement beneath my house. The murder basement has the following things:

  • Stairs that go to nowhere
  • An initial chamber, presumable where children would have their heads bashed so they could be dragged into…
  • The second chamber, which is the large room where Science Club practices now. This room is filled with spiders, poor lights, concrete floors and walls with chipping paint. I can only assume that scenes from the film Hostel were shot here.
  • A fourth, even somehow more terrible chamber, featuring nothing but tile walls, concrete floors, pieces of metal, pools of standing water and two industrial size sinks. All I found in this room was a pair of rubber cloves, a hard-bristle hand brush and an extra-large tub of industrial-strength Turbo Bleach.

The murder basement is scary, but it works as a practice space. Oh, and it makes my neighbors hate me, too. But whatever.

Anyway, here’s what is happening in Science Club land:

1) Nick and Joe have made a bet. If Nick can finish the EP’s album art by next week, Joe will buy the complete Battlestar Galactica series. Joe has been buying up all kinds of sci-fi recently, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As far as I can tell, Nick is upset that Joe is spending his time on lesser works instead of watching the good stuff. I’m not sure if I agree with Nick’s opinion on DS9, but it’s hard to disagree when Joe talks about watching Hercules and Farscape.

2) The liner notes are underway. If you have ever looked at this blog, you will probably be mentioned in the notes.

3) We’re working on a new cover of this song.

4) This happened recently, almost as if it was conjured from our collective minds.

5) We were almost a bar band for a minute there. According to legend, Nick was in talks with a Phoenixville bar to have us play three one-hour sets as part of their pull to get live bands. This made me uneasy for two reasons: we don’t have three hours worth of songs and we aren’t the kind of band that usually plays at bars. I’ve been to a lot of bars and most of the ones with live music have bands that consist of a couple of guys on acoustic guitar playing well-known modern rock hits. Science Club, on the other hand, plays loud folk-punk that turns our friends into acquaintances. It would have been a weird fit but we were on board with it because someone wanted to pay us to be Science Club. Paid to be Science Club! How outrageous is that?

The deal fell through, but we all learned an important lesson: Science Club is looking to sell out. Send us an email, investors!

So here is a new demo that we worked on in the Murder Basement. It’s topical, but only for a few more months.

Summer Sucks