Let’s Talk About Some Good Guys! Let’s Talk About the Troops!

Happy New Year, Donks,

Science Club played a show at the Tritone on Feb 3 and, man oh man, what a party that shit was. Most of my family was there and they were just as loud and dumb as I am! Most of Nick’s family was there, and they suggested that we get matching outfits, just like Nick does!.

Joe had no family there. Except his fiancé, but she has to listen to our bullshit all the time so it wasn’t some new novelty for her.

Also, many, many of Science Club’s friends were there and they were much more polite than they had any cause to be. So thanks to the Scavuzzos, good friends, old friends, new friends and the girlfriends of those friends who, it needs to be said, weren’t totally on board with all our bullshit.

Here are the bands we played with, and how they did on a scale of 1 to pizza party:

Scatterbrain: They used to be The Next Big Thing, but now they are a metal band. I could live forever and I would still be jealous of how well Nick and Eric play guitar. The new Scatterbrain tunes really turn the brutality up from “3” to “8” on the brutality amplifier and sound totally rad.

What did Nate’s Dad have to say: They sound like Snapcase!

Final rating: Pizza Party

The Original Marta: Our friend Joey is back on drums! Hey, Joey! TOM continues to be great, despite only having one mic for most of their show because I’m kind of a dumbass.  Regardless, they were beyond lovely. However, I do have a bone to pick with them. My favorite song of theirs is “Skin and Bones.” We’ve played a couple shows with them and they always play it first, as they should because it’s fucking BOSS, but they haven’t recorded the damn thing yet. COME ON, The Original Marta!

What did Nate’s Dad have to say: They were really, really good.


Jared Adams: Look, I’m not going to even talk about it. If you missed it, you missed it. Shame on you forever.

What did Nate’s Dad have to say: “…”

Final rating: A shadow?

Anywhom, we played some songs. Some of them are new-ish. We want to record them sometime this summer.

  • The Best Punk Band in the World (newish)
  • Funky C
  • Molly (newish)
  • Scares
  • Straight Edge Irony (newish) (We’ve got to find a different name for this song.)
  • Song in the Sea
  • Go, Boldly
  • Best Ever Death Metal Band

On paper, it looks like we played forever. Shit took like 25 minutes. Punk!

Thanks again to the bar, the bands, our friends and familes. We’ve got shows coming up in March, and maybe April and May, too. So, you know, dig.


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