What God Doesn’t Give to You, You’ve got to go and get for Yourself


Sweet Jesus, people just keep fooling themselves into thinking Science Club is a real band, eh?

A few things worth mentioning:

Joe set this up with his connections at Whole Foods. I’m pretty sure that all of these bands are vegan or, at the very least, militant vegitarians. They are going to see me coming from a mile away. I might as well show up sucking on a chicken bone and drinking veal gravy.

This will be Science Club’s first show in Bucks County, PA, upping the number of PA counties we’ve played in to “three” (I think). Based on number of show performed, our home county is Philadelphia. The last time we strayed from our comfort zone was the disastrous Frank’s Garage show in Plymouth Meeting.

Holy shit, you guys. The Frank’s Garage show.

At some point, I’ll write up a full breakdown of the Frank’s Garage show. For now, I’ll just leave it by saying that after that show was over, there was a two-day window where I considered not just walking away from Science Club, but quitting music altogether.  I obviously didn’t and now you all get to hear me sing offkey songs about teen problems.

ANYWAY, we’re playing in Doylestown. I’ve never been there except for one time when I went to Siren Records. Should be a good time.


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