Soon Enough Work and Love Will Make a Man out of You

Sorry, everyone. Science Club is going to break up. We’re just going to cover Constantines songs from now on. Goodbye forever!

(just kidding, still a band)


People are Just Fucking Mean

The cavalcade of Science Club demos contiunes!

This one, like the last two, were recorded on my phone in Nick’s apartment during songwriting practice. We’ve still got a few more to record, like the song about bros, a song about a notebook I found, Nick’s song about being bad at parties, Nick’s song about Europe and another song of Nick’s that seems to be about me hurting my hands.

Anyway, its called Emotional Bullshit Part 2: The Return of Emotional Bullshit and you can listen to it on our bandcamp page.


Science Club has plans to record a bunch in June. If everything works out according to plan, we’ll have enough for a full album and an EP. We’re still trying to figure out which songs are going to be on which release, but this much I can say:

  • The album will likely be titled SUCCESS.
  • It will have 10-12 songs on it.
  • The following songs will very likely be on the album: The Best Punk Band in the World, Molly, Straight Edge Irony, Cover Bands, Dubstep Remix
  • We will do a photo shoot for the album and it is going to be a real mess
  • We will do a “tour” for the album. By “tour,” I mean we will play some shows in PA and NY, because, honestly, who the fuck wants Science Club to come to their town?


I Say You Don’t Know, You Say You Don’t Know

Soy beasts.

Let’s talk about teens.

Specifically, let’s talk about the roaming packs of teens that were all over the goddamn place in Doylestown last Friday night when Science Club played a show at Muggs on Main.

When I was a shitty punk band in high school, I played a show with this touring hardcore band whose name I do not remember. Anyway, these dudes, as a means of promoting their show in town, hit the mall in the afternoon and proceeded to talk to every teen they could find in an attempt to get them to come to the Penny Arcade and watch them do some screamo. On the one hand, this is a pretty good strategy to get people to come out and watch you in a strange town. However, these dudes were a little bit too gleeful about chatting up blushing 16 year olds.

Needless to say, Science Club did not talk to any teens Friday. Teens are the worst. Sorry, teens.

Anyhow, good show! Muggs is the best kind of  bar. It’s got wood panneling, a four-sided bar with attractive but not skanky bartenders, a pool table and you CAN SMOKE INSIDE! I can’t recommend the place enough. The one downside is that we were playing next to the Big Buck Hunter machine, so no one could shoot bucks while we played.

Still, it was a party. I really liked the Elephant and the Girl. They played some pretty rocking bar music. The Club got to meet some of Joe’s Whole Foods friends, who are totally just normal people and not hideous soy beasts.

Here’s the set list:

1) Best Punk Band

2) Molly (People love this song, despite the fact that every time we play it, our souls die a little)

3) Us

4) Street Justice (it went better than expected)

5) Song in the Sea

6) Dubstep Remix (Kind of a mess, but it gets the thumbs up from 2 out of 3 Science Club girlfriends).

7) Go Boldly

8) Death Metal.

All in all, a pretty good show. We even go paid! SUCKERS!

Science Club has no shows in March (as of today) but we’re playing again in Philly in April. Gearing up to record our first full-length this summer.

I’m Fearful, I’m Fearful, I’m Fearful of Flying

Holy mackerel, Science Club is playing a show on Friday!

Look, I don’t have to tell you, one of the four or five people who look at this blog, that Science Club is the best show on four wheels. If you are reading this thing, you already know the deal: at our best, we’re the best live band since mid 80s Van Halen and at our worst we’re like the Replacements in the late 70s ( and if those references are lost on you then you’ve got bigger problems than a punk show).  Either way, you get something worth watching.  I mean, come on! I make all kinds of faces! Nick jumps and dances and stuff! Joe yells a little and also makes silly faces! He turns as red as a beet!

To recap: Science Club is dope.

However, I understand that not everyone feels the same way. And, you know, part of me says “Fuck ‘em.” Then again, another, larger, part of me says, “Look, do you really want to play a show to no one? That shit feels like being punched in the stomach.”

So, without further ado, here is five reasons to see Science Club in Doylestown on Friday:

1) There’s gonna be Merch: Merch, you fucks, MERCH! We’re going to have shodily-made goods that allow you physical proof that you like Science Club. You like CDs? Shit yeah, we’ll have some DIY CDs. Shirts? Man, we’ll sell you the WORST HOME-MADE SHIRT ever. You like buttons? Of course not, on one does, but we’re gonna have ‘em.

2) There’s gonna be new songs: Have you heard “Street Justice?” What about “Dubstep Remix?” When’s the last time you heard us play “Us?” That’s right, never!

3) Mugs on Main is apparently a good time: This bar lets you smoke inside of it! The Orininal Marta drummer Joey told me, IN PERSON, that this bar is a good place for some grime. He’s been to Cleveland, folks. He knows the score.

4) Siren Records?: I know it’s somewhere in Doylestown. We can go get some casingles after the show, maybe?

5) Nearly every band at this show is connected to Whole Foods: Groceries!

I think I’ve made my point here.

Oh, shit! Wait! There’s one more reason

6) It could be Joe’s wedding present.

Either way, it should be a party. We’re either going to knock it out of the park or make it so Joe can’t show his face at work.