I Say You Don’t Know, You Say You Don’t Know

Soy beasts.

Let’s talk about teens.

Specifically, let’s talk about the roaming packs of teens that were all over the goddamn place in Doylestown last Friday night when Science Club played a show at Muggs on Main.

When I was a shitty punk band in high school, I played a show with this touring hardcore band whose name I do not remember. Anyway, these dudes, as a means of promoting their show in town, hit the mall in the afternoon and proceeded to talk to every teen they could find in an attempt to get them to come to the Penny Arcade and watch them do some screamo. On the one hand, this is a pretty good strategy to get people to come out and watch you in a strange town. However, these dudes were a little bit too gleeful about chatting up blushing 16 year olds.

Needless to say, Science Club did not talk to any teens Friday. Teens are the worst. Sorry, teens.

Anyhow, good show! Muggs is the best kind of  bar. It’s got wood panneling, a four-sided bar with attractive but not skanky bartenders, a pool table and you CAN SMOKE INSIDE! I can’t recommend the place enough. The one downside is that we were playing next to the Big Buck Hunter machine, so no one could shoot bucks while we played.

Still, it was a party. I really liked the Elephant and the Girl. They played some pretty rocking bar music. The Club got to meet some of Joe’s Whole Foods friends, who are totally just normal people and not hideous soy beasts.

Here’s the set list:

1) Best Punk Band

2) Molly (People love this song, despite the fact that every time we play it, our souls die a little)

3) Us

4) Street Justice (it went better than expected)

5) Song in the Sea

6) Dubstep Remix (Kind of a mess, but it gets the thumbs up from 2 out of 3 Science Club girlfriends).

7) Go Boldly

8) Death Metal.

All in all, a pretty good show. We even go paid! SUCKERS!

Science Club has no shows in March (as of today) but we’re playing again in Philly in April. Gearing up to record our first full-length this summer.


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