If You Don’t Know, Now You Know, Part I: Jules Rimet

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know is an ongoing feature on the Science Club blog. The bands, artists and media listed here are endorsed by at least one, if not all of the members of Science Club. Basically, if you are down with this shit, you are down with the club. And probably not down with the clown. If you don’t know what being “down with the clown” means, you can’t be friends with my Dad or with me, circa 6th grade. Google it. Dot Com it.

Whew, that got away from me. Anyway, this is some curated, hand-picked stuff that you should scope out.

Who: Jules Rimet

What: Halt Construction EP

Where: http://www.thejulesrimet.com/index.html

Why: Rimet has a fucking dynamite resume: one-half of ManBoyLove, member and producer of Family Band, creative director of Lord Howe, children’s’ book co-author. You might have recently seen Rimet at a Science Club concert asking us to play “Death Metal Band.” His new self-made EP is an album in reverse, putting the hard tracks first to weed out the weak. Stick around for the sick jobs.

How: Download that mess for free.


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