The Road to Success

My friend Joey painted this and now it lives in my house.

Science Club had a loud (loud!) practice in the Murder Basement the other day. We worked on a few new songs (like that one for the bros and that one about my body failing me) but mostly we went over the track listing for our full-length, which we are tentatively calling “Success.”

It’s going to be an album about drugs, violence, sex, lies, bad friendship, believing in a power greater than oneself, rejecting said power, arrested development (both the concept and the band, but not the TV show), why it is a bad idea to try, how things can always, ALWAYS get worse and the importance of foolish bravery.

Here’s how its going to look:

1) The Best Punk Band in the World

2) Molly

3) I’m Proud of my Cub Scout

4) Straight-Edge Irony

5) Street Justice

6) Schenectady

7) Cover Bands

8) 1897

9) Bob Segar’s Old Time Rock and Roll: Club Remix

10) The Crane Operator

Some of these songs exist in demo form on this blog. Some of them have been leaking into our live sets (See us at JRs on April 13 and at the Grape Room on April 18). There might be more songs added or different songs added. However it shakes out, this is the core that will be on this album in one form or another.

Of course, you’ve all listened to / purchased a copy of / told all your friends about Failure Ballads, I’m sure.


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