They Don’t Need Me Here But I Want You There

They Don't Need Me Here But I Want You There

In this month’s Maxim: Nick Elmer, Guy With All the Game


It’s Been a Long Time / Shouldn’t Have Left You

Aw, jeez, this place?

We’re one-for-two here.

A few weeks back (shit, nearly a month ago) Science Club played its last show for the spring, a gig that doubled as its most successful set performed at the Grape Room in Manayunk to date.

Astute readers may remember that we played the bar a year or so back for a LaSalle Young Alumni night. In my initial recap of that show, I was somewhat positive about what was, in retrospect, our second-worst show (nothing is going to top Frank’s Garage).

We played at 1 a.m. to a crowd of people who had just watched, in succession: a Sublime-sounding band that covered Sublime (I think it was “April 26, 1992,” but that might be bullshit), a jam-band that covered The Almond Brothers (again, this might be bullshit, but they totally would have covered “Rambling Man” if they could have) and a band that would have made the Dave Matthews’ Band sound like Black Flag.

We never stood a chance, is what I’m saying.

Fast forward to this show in April and things aren’t looking much better. The show was on a rainy Wednesday night and the turnout was not strong for any of the bands. The key difference this time: Nick and I just didn’t give a fuck.

We considered playing alternative versions of our songs, playing covers we barely play in practice and playing songs that we never, ever play live. Shit, we might have played “Puppy Factory” if not for Joe reminding us that we should try to give just a little bit of a shit.

His (very sound) reasoning: “We brought all of our stuff down here, we should at least do our best not to suck.” An important lesson for anyone, to be sure.

Anyway, the showed ended up being really fun. We played our most punk set to-date to a small but unexpectedly engaged crowd. A band from Asbury Park, NJ was very nice to us and I got to meet Brett’s girlfriend.

Setlist (as best as I can remember it; this was a month ago after all):

  • Dancing in the Dark (I say this, not to self-deprecate but to present a realistic display of facts: this was our WORST EVER version of this song, worse, even, than our version at Frank’s Garage. We played it waaaay to slow and it made what is already a long song into a slightly louder, longer song. Total hatchet job by Science Club. That being said, it was still well received and proved to be the lowest part of a pretty solid set)
  •  Molly
  • Straight-edge Irony (Run This Town)
  • Funky C
  • Dubstep Remix (Thinking of changing this song’s name to “Basement.” Is that better or worse?)
  • Scares
  • The Best Punk Band in the World
  • I’m Proud of my Cub Scout

Like I said, pretty punk-rock shit.

Some other notes:

  • Thanks to Angelina and Brett for coming to the show. It was nice to meet you, Michelle. Angelina declared that “Dubstep Remix” was a chick song. I feel pretty good about that, all things considered.
  • No Wine for Kittens opened up the show. Their whole band couldn’t come so it was just two of them playing some acoustic stuff. Their music was a pleasant kind of power-pop. The covered Metric (Sure!) and Iron and Wine’s cover of “Such Great Heights” (Please don’t do that again!). We chatted a bit after the show and they seemed like real nice people.
  • Jems and Avatarz also played on the bill and … Jesus, I don’t even know what to say about Jems and Avatarz. I may have to do an entire separate post on them. Just know that their set included the following things:

-No bass
-Two keyboards
-A backup singer who got almost nothing to do
-Mentions of Casey Anthony
-Katy Perry
-“Back in Black” by AC/DC
-Some of the best guitar faces I have ever seen a guitar guy make

I’ve decided it; I’m going to do a separate post about them. For now, just check out their website (credit where its due: the band has something like 12,000 Facebook likes. I know this because it was the second thing they said into the mic).

No new shows for a bit. We’re in recording season (in theory, anyway. More on that, later).