Success Track Two: Molly

Science Club has finished the tracks for its debut full length, Success. In anticipation of the album, we present these thoughts on the album’s songs. These are not necessarily about the songs, though some might be. These are not intended to be interpretations or explanations of what the songs on Success will be about.

When I was 14, I tried to write song that sounded like Less than Jake and Blink 182. When I was 19, I tried to write songs that sounded like Modest Mouse. When I was 22, I tried to write songs that sounded like Ted Leo. At 26, I’m trying to write songs that sound like the Mountain Goats.

This song does not sound like the Mountain Goats at all, Part of the reason for this (most of the reason for this) is that I am not as good at writing songs as the guys in the Mountain Goats. Another aspect of it is that I like to rock, and the Mountain Goats often do no rock at all.

The math on this song looks like this: part Mountain Goats, part Fake Problems, part The Thermals, part Titus Andronicus, part Mclusky, a very small part of Warren Zevon. This song isn’t as good as any of those touchstones, but if you can listen to it and not obviously hear any one of those influences over the others, I’ll consider it a win.

You guys haven’t heard it yet, you’re going to like the way the drums sound on this song.