I Really Mean It

We are great at naming things.

We are great at naming things.

Hey guys, remember when Science Club was a band?

Anyway, happy 2013, ya big goofballs. Here’s the deal:

Success is mostly done. We want to tweak the final tracks then put it out, but we can’t get in touch with Rich to make the last edits (come on, Rich!). We could probably put it out as is, but there are few things that we’d like to polish up. So let’s be optimistic and say that Success will be out this Spring.

Joe’s got a baby and a baby blog, so he might as well be dead.

Nick and I have been writing new songs and working on other, unreleased ones. We’re considering cutting a little EP in NYC sometime in February, but we’ve still got to work some of the logistics out. Pictured above are some ideas for the EP’s name. I forgot this when I was texting with Nick, but I’d really like it to be called Victory Snack EP, to finalize our trio of album titles about the hero journey.

Its incredible any woman has ever kissed me.

Anywho, tru punxz.