We’re a Fucking Drag

About two years ago, right around the same time Nick and I were recording vocals in a basement in Walnutport, PA, Science Club began writing songs for what would become its first album and second-ever release, a 10-song platter we tongue-in-cheek-ly decided to name Success.

At the time, the album name was more of a joke than an actual appraisal of ourselves as a band. The songs were about teenagers with delusions, grandmothers in ghost towns, man-made gods, serial killers, rapists and people high on drugs. Typical for us, it was not going to be a cheerful record.

We recorded 10 songs for Success in October 2012. Those songs are just starting to see the light of day now.

We’ve released three tracks from the album, one a month for the last month. You can listen to them on our bandcamp page. The songs are “Molly,” “For Red-Headed Wives…” and “S.E.I.” I’m really proud of how these songs turned out and I hope you like them.

Listen to them here: