Future Train

Sweet baby, is there ever a lot to talk about.

1) New Song for July

For the past few months, we’ve been releasing a new songs from our forthcoming album “Success” and this month’s song is out now for your ears and your hearts.

It’s called “The Best Punk Band in the World” and, before anyone wants to even think about trying to step to us, it’s not about us at all. It might be about Scatterbrain, but it probably isn’t

Listen to that mess here. Special thanks to the the Science Club Choir Club for booing us at the end of the song.

Also, if you are some kind of Johnny-come-lately to this whole thing, here’s all the songs we’ve put out.

2) JRs Bar This Friday

About a year ago, we played a show at JRs Bar in South Philly with ogs The Original Marta. I cannot say enough good things about JRs Bar: with the Tritone gone it might be the city’s last true punk-rock dive bar.

We’re stoked to be playing there with Scatterbrain (pretty much the only other band we know), The Sexy Teenagers (NY) and Thoroughbred (NY). It’s gonna be a goddamn party.

Here’s the invite. I hope you can come, especially because ….

3) Joe Pelone is Dead

Okay, first. Joe is not really dead, just dead to us. After three years of sweating too much, Joe is leaving Science Club.

Mommy and Daddy aren’t fighting, don’t worry. Dude’s got a great wife and a great baby and he’s working on his great family.

I don’t begrudge him a goddamn bit. I’ve written about this before, but for me Science Club was an escape from the darkest part of my adult life. The fact that Joe’s got all this great stuff going on speaks miles to how far we’ve come and how much better we’re all doing.

I love Joe and his family, even if I’m going to write a million songs about how much I hate his baby / how much I’m going to raise his baby.

 4) Does This Mean the End of Science Club?

Shit no! We got a new drummer. Everyone say hello to Joey, formerly of The Original Marta (yay!), J. Fox (yay!) and the Percentages (there aren’t enough boos in the world). Stoked to have a dude from two of my favorite local bands slumming it with us.

So come say hello to him at …

5) Philly-Draw-a-Thon

Fucking right we’re playing two shows in one weekend. The Draw-a-Thon is pretty rocking event that Uarts has been putting on for two years, and we’re stoked to play for them.

Get the info here, and come see us play …

6) New Songs

We’ve been working on five new songs with Joey, plus a few golden oldies to pad out a set. Look for a new EP sometime before the end of the year? Maybe? Shit, I don’t know. Point is, we’re got some new tunes. Get stoked.

So, in summation:

That’s it! Science Club loves you!