I Don’t Want to be, I Don’t Want to be Late

club club club1Over the weekend, Science Club climbed into three cars and drove 90 minutes north of Philadelphia to record its second EP (third release).

Six songs were recorded in about eight hours over the course of a weekend spent in a partially finished basement. Drums, bass, guitars and gang vocals were recorded on day one. Lead and backing vocals were recorded on day two.

This process was the smoothest of any recording process so far. I attribute this triumph to a few things:

1) Practicing our goddamn songs. For most of its existence, Science Club didn’t practice, at least not in a traditional sense. We would get together once a month (if even that) and go over songs as a trio, with all our instruments turned up loud and our drums at full drum. The rest of the time, we huddled in apartments and played hushed, strained songs, like some kind of weird drug addict busker collective.  Since securing a practice space in July, we’ve played the songs represented on this EP roughly three times a week. We know these songs like the backs of our hands.

2) Knowing how we want these songs to sound. This is a byproduct of practice, I suppose, but this past session marks the first time we had a complete and clear vision for how we wanted these songs to sound. We were able to follow through on that vision, which is exciting as hell. Of course, if these songs suck, that’s going to be on us. I really don’t think these songs are going to suck.

 3) Working with people we trust. We did this second EP with Dale and Will of DaleWillRecordYou, the same dudes who did Failure Ballads. These guys are good guys to work with. They know us and know how we sound (to an extent); they worked to make us sound like us, not like some other band. That may sound immaterial, but I assure you it is not.

club club club2

Credit is due to Joe Delorenzo, our faithful drummer, who recorded his drum tracks in record time. The dude is a machine.

I must also, as always, give special pause to Nick Elmer, a man of immeasurable talent. I always enjoy listening to him record his bass tracks because it reminds me how talented and unique a player he is. He constantly interoperates the shells I bring him in ways I never would have considered, always for the better.  That man is Science Club, even if his fingers are made of sweet, soft dough.

I am excited about these songs, this release. I am excited for you to hear it.

Here are the album’s songs. We expect to get the first incomplete mixes back in a week, the final mix by sometime in mid-October. Barring some colossal errors, you could hear these songs before November. I’m stoked.

  1. More than a Man
  2. Free Pimp C
  3. Steal Your Shit
  4. Blood Ghost
  5. No Ghost
  6. A Future Sure to Come

club club club3