One of Those Bands Got Paid



You ever stand really close to a very tall building?

I used to work in an office at 18th and Market (and when I say “I used to work at an office,” I need it to be clear that I worked there for about four months before I was laid off for not being very good at my job, because I wasn’t very good at my job), and when I’d walk into the place and take the elevator up to the 30th floor, I wouldn’t really be conscious of the fact that I was half way through a skyscraper. It just felt like going to the doctor’s office or whatever. That said, whenever I drive in from my girlfriend’s house and I take 95 to 676 and I get a whole look at the city unfolding, I’m struck by how frigging HUGE the damn building is.

My point here is that perspective is everything. If you get too close to a thing, you don’t get a chance to appreciate the size of it. Considering that I’m as close to Science Club as anyone besides Joey and Nick, I didn’t realize until right now that Science Club is kind of on a hot streak (at least, as much of a hot streak as a bunch of late-20s dudes playing sloppy punk music once a week can be on).

Here’s what’s been going on, as much as I can remember:

July: We played our last show with old drummer Joe Pelone at JRs Bar in South Philly. Shit was a corker.

We also played our first show with new drummer Joey the next day at UArts in Philly. We played in what was essentially a glass box, to a room full of people drawing cartoons. It was our second-worst show, but whatever. People liked our cover of “500 Miles” and Nick’s girlfriend liked one of our lady songs.

August: We played on a rooftop in Brooklyn like an episode of Girls or whatever. That was a weird show, mostly because we only played six songs and one of them was a cover of “Where Eagles Dare” and one of them I broke a string on 15 seconds in and it was our second ever show with Joey and I ended up getting way too drunk and making college kids listen to rap music. Still, it was fun. People liked us. We liked people. I’m never hauling our junk up four flights of stairs again (unless someone asks us to play on a roof again, in which case I probably will).

September: We recorded a batch of news songs that will be released sometime this month. We’re calling the collection Aging Punks, because art imitates life.

October: We played the inaugural show at Crooked House to a bunch of friends and quasi-strangers. Old friends showed up and performed. New friends show up and performed. One of the neighbors came over and said it was cool this was happening. No one called the cops. People enjoyed our songs. It was a total success all the way through. And, not for nothing, if I can toot my own horn for a minute, it was cool that we were able to do this in house and have people come out to it. Setting up a show at the place where you live, for a bunch of people who you already know, is the smallest possible piece of being DIY, but it still feels good when its done.

November: We’re playing at Trash Bar in NYC, which you’ll be hearing a lot about in the weeks to come.

That’s a pretty good five-month stretch for a band that didn’t play a show for a year. Thank you a million to anyone who came to see us, booked us, let us stay with you, or just came around and drank beer. I really mean it, it means the world that people put up with our nonsense, let alone actually consider themselves fans of what we do. You’re the best people and the best part of all our lives.

Science Club Forever,