Take My Bones Away

I like this picture, because it looks like we're playing in the middle of the abyss. Something, something,  "Garden State."

I like this picture, because it looks like we’re playing in the middle of the abyss. Something, something, “Garden State.”

Last time Science Club played a show in New York City, it was on a roof in Brooklyn.

Before that, it was for a AIDS benefit. We were the first band to play during an all-day festival. It was held in a church basement that could be charitably described as “dingy” and more accurately described as “a place where villains would torture James Bond.” We had about six songs and none of them sounded great. We dressed up like angels because there were angel costumes lying around because, again, church basement.

It was a good show, very much in keeping with the low-stakes punk rock world that Science Club inhabits.

On Sunday, we played a somewhat more high profile show at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn. It was, in every sense, a step-up for us. This show was at a reasonable time (8pm) in a reasonable neighborhood for punk rock (Bedford, Brooklyn), supported by a reasonable amount of promotion (concert listings on Brooklyn Vegan, etc), at a bar both dive-y and supportive enough to be an ideal place for local / regional rock music.

Normally, this is the part where I tell you that we bricked the show and everyone hated us, because that is more or less the narrative. Well, hold on to your dicks, cowpokes, because we actually did a pretty good job.

We had a setlist. We rehearsed it. We didn’t diddle around between songs, bullshitting for people who didn’t care to hear three strangers talk about Xmen or whatever. We played 11 songs in about 30 minutes, which is on the right side of the “overstaying your welcome” line. We had a bunch of friends show up, as well as a bunch of old metal folks who just like rock music (as well as the other metal band who we opened for). We opened strong, finished strong and even got people to dance at one of our songs, which is about as rare as finding a Picachu.

In short, we did a good job. It was one of our best shows, an exclamation point on what has been a very productive summer / fall for the Science Boys.

Yeah, NICK.

Yeah, NICK.

Random Notes from the Show:

  • At one point, I called our band “The Shitty Misfits.” I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to realize that. I feel like I can see new colors now.
  • Having Nick sing a few songs in the middle of the set is such a blessing. We opened with four high energy songs, and having Nick take some of the vocal burden kept me from getting too gassed.
  • We’re transitioning out of our old songs and into our new ones. At this point, our setlist consists of one song from our first EP and three-to-four from Success. I’m stoked about this, because that’s what good bands do.
  • Special thanks to Vega Fuse, the friendliest, brutalest metal band that played after us. They’re also from PA. I had to take off before their set ended and now I can’t find them on the Internet anywhere. If one of you dudes happen to see this, get at me. Let’s play a show in Philly.
  • I didn’t break a string at this show, giving me a two-show streak. I’m finally learning how to play the guitar.

We’ve got an EP coming out in December, and then we’re probably done for the year. More on that in a bit, but get a listen here.

Nov 10 – Trash Bar, Brooklyn NY
Oct 26 – Crooked House, Philadelphia, PA
Oct 20 – Kidney Walk, Chester County PA
Sep 25 – Recorded “Aging Punks”
August – Rooftop, Brooklyn, NY
July – UArts, Philadelphia, PA
July – Jrs Bar, Philadelphia, PA