Wait For The Impending Colossal Doom


Science Club has tried to play roughly one show a month since 2.0 kicked off in July 2013 (more on that in a bit). By and large, we’ve stuck to it, or at least come close. Maybe we do two shows in January instead of one in February, some shit like that, but it’s all part of the plan to stay active, and we take it seriously.

We didn’t have a show lined up for June until a man from Korea named Nick reached out to us via Facebook and asked if we wanted to play something called Philly Freak Festival. Having no show lined up for the month, and want to spend as much time with freaks as possible. We said yes. And that is how we, a normal-ass punk band with nothing below the surface going on, ended up playing an Art Show.

When I saw we played an Art Show, I don’t mean we played at some gallery with painting and shit. What I mean is that we played a show with some honest-to-god musicians / insane people, trying to make motherfucking ART with their music, which is more or less the complete opposite of what we do (no one is getting a grant to be in Science Club, you know?).

So, considering we were the only punk band, and, considering that we really couldn’t fail, since we’d be totally out of place no matter how the show went, I decided to do something I rarely do and play drunk.

All in all, despite everything I just said, and despite what you assume happened, it was a pretty good show.


The venue was a bar located at 3rd and Girard in Fishtown, somewhat densely named 3rd and Girard. I’ll say this for the place: you’ll never forget where it is.

The bar is fine. It is a bar. It has a pool table. I got in a disagreement with the bartender about whether or not Red Stripe is a “summer beer” (even before I got drunk). The show was upstairs in a small room above the main bar, and, since that room as loaded with air conditioners going full blast, I loved it.

The first performer was a very nice man named Steven who, under his monicker oficiodetinieblas5, played some of the most upsetting music I’ve ever heard performed on a cello. He plugged his electric cello into this sound rig and proceeded to make some crunchy, dense, haunting sound collages that ended up feeling very cinematic and, in their own warped way, beautiful. I can’t say I want to hear it all the time, but two beers deep, it was striking. His music is here and you should listen at your own peril.

I really don’t know what to write about G.T. Arpe. Watching it was kind of like watching a puppet show for children, except we are all adults. At one point, everyone in the crowd was given plastic bottles with pennies in them and told to provide the drums for a song called “I Like Junk.” Nick, the one-man band that is G.T. Arpe, at one point in the show, put on gym shorts, had someone hold up a Nerf basketball hoop sang a song called “Slam Dunk,” which ends exactly the way you think it would. It was unbelieveably stupid, except it wasn’t, because nothing about it was insincere or self-aware. It was all fun for fun’s sake, and it totally worked on me.

Then again, I was drunk

So then it was our turn, and we actually played for longer than we usually do. We did 11 songs: 5 from Aging Punks, 1 cover, and 5 new songs that will likely be on an upcoming Science Club album. My voice was actually better than it usually is (my little brother in the Sexy Teenagers says he always gets drunk before he sings, because it makes him feel less conscious about his singing, which there might be some truth to). Playing the new songs was huge, because they all went pretty well. There’s a new one that Nick sings that is especially promising, and we dusted off a very old song and closed the show with it. It was pretty exciting, actually.

After our set, I watched Mike Amerika and ate some mozzarella sticks. I left the bar around 1 a.m., sober, tired and feeling sick from shitty cheese sticks. I didn’t really do anything freaky. Sorry, Freakfest.


There’s some stuff coming up that I want you to know about. A few shows with friends old a new, a radio spot I did for some station in Florida. Some news about our friends in the Sexy Teenagers. But the most exciting thing right now is that we’re in the beginning stages of planning to record an album this fall. It will likely be 10-12 songs, most all of them written within the last two years (except one, which I wrote about a million years ago but we never used it). It doesn’t have a name yet (I’m going to push for “Marathon,” but I’m not going to push that hard), and, if the lord is willing, it’ll come out better than our last album. But more on all that to come. For now, here’s the set list:

SETLIST (maybe. I was pretty loaded):

  • Modern Problems (Sad Song) NEW
  • Bad at Parties NEW
  • More than a Man
  • Beach Song (editor’s note: I really need to name this song something else) NEW
  • Dancing in the Dark
  • Blood Ghost
  • No Ghost
  • Marathon NEW
  • Free Pimp C
  • RPGs NEW (to you)


June 13: 3rd and Girard, Philly

May 31: Kungfu Necktie, Philly
May 24: Ding Dong Lounge, NYC
April 6: JRs Bar, Philly
April 5: ABC No Rio, NYC
April 4: Monirae’s, Syracuse
April 3: Bug Jar, Rochester
March 23: Voltage Lounge, Philly
March 1: The Troc, Philly
Jan 11: Lit Lounge, NYC
Jan 10: Voltage Lounge, Philly



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