I’ve Been Gone All Summer and I Think It’s For the Greater Good

So here’s the deal: about a year ago, mid-to-late-July, 2013, Science Club recommitted itself to being Science Club. Joe Pelone left the band to start a family, and Joe Delo joined the band mostly because he likes playing drums. In the 365 days since, Science Club has enjoyed the most success it ever has.

It’s been a very good year, and now we’re going to celebrate.


5 – 8PM

Here’s why you should give a shit:

Screwjack – On the one hand, Jared Adams is entirely responsible for Screwjack, seeing as he writes all the music, sings all the songs and performs the whole thing himself. In another, much more real sense, Screwjack is entirely Science Club’s fault. One of Jared’s first ever proto-Screwjack performances took place as the opening act for Science Club at the Tritone (RIP). Years later, Screwjack would rear its head at the Fall Classic, covering Notorious B.I.G songs and generally pushing the bounds of good taste. More recently, SJ played a gig in NYC on Science Club’s behalf when the band had to bail on a gig.

What I’m saying here is this: Science Club is a benevolent god, and that fucker Jared should be glad to swim in our wake.

(Don’t believe anything I just said. Jared’s old-time, sadcore country music reeks of ill-advised sex, is soaked in too much cheap alcohol and will make you feel like you’ve aged 30 years. He also plays a song about blowjobs that I’m told is quite funny.)

Lucky 33 – I wouldn’t be so bold as to say that Lucky 33 is the only punk band that exists in Syracuse, NY, it just feels that way. These goddamn dudes have been everywhere, playing with everyone. Look at their Facebook page, they’re jamming out shows all the friggin’ time. We first met them on the Science Club / Sexy Teens tour, and they were more accommodating, more welcoming than anyone could reasonably expect to be. We’re stoked to bring them to Philadelphia, not just because they are aces people, but because they bring the fucking thunder.

Early Show – We’re a day-job punk band. We can’t afford to be rock and rolling all night. We’ve got beds to sleep in. We’ve got church in the morning. We’re out of shape and old as all fuck (well, Nate is. Nick seems pretty fit and Joey is chisled out of marble). We barely want to be out until 11pm playing music, and I know you don’t want to be out all night listening to us. So we’re in by 5:30, we’re out by 8, everyone gets drunk while the sun is still out, and no one feels like a foot the next day.

This show is going to have it all. Dancing, fighting, John Adams. Joe Pelone might even come and play some drums. Come have a time with us and celebrate another year of Science Club.