There is History in the Rooms of the House

Lucky 33, playing a rock and roll song and making me love again.

Lucky 33, playing a rock and roll song and making me love again.

I never thought Science Club was going to be the kind of band that could do people favors.

Oh, I fully expected Science Club to be the kind of band that takes from people, don’t get me wrong. This band has a rich, full history of having its hands out. Going all the way back practicing in Joe Pelone’s parent’s house, we’ve had our grubby fingers extended, snatching whatever goodwill we could from anyone foolish enough to extend a kindness. Our first few shows wouldn’t have happened without Scatterbrain and The Original Marta. We wouldn’t have been able to tour this past year without The Sexy Teenagers. We’re takers, for sure.

One of the bands we snatched from was Lucky 33, a group of pop-punk dudes living the hard life in Syracuse, NY. We happily took from them when they had us at Moniare’s in Pennelville this past April. I just never expected to be able to pay them back. That said, lo and behold, we brought those fools in for an after the fact sending-off of sorts for Jrs Bar a few weeks ago.

Lucky 33 is an interesting band. I don’t know their full history, but two of its members are in their early 20s, and the other, Jared, is a grown-ass aging punk with kids and shit (there’s a fourth dude in the band, but since he didn’t make the drive down from Syracuse to Philadelphia, he does not exist as prominently in my mind. Sorry, fourth guy. You snooze, you lose.). They traffic in an aggressive, melodic style of pop punk / drunk punk that I find quite appealing. I’m not sure how they came together, but I’m happy they’re around, because they walk that same neo-classic line that The Ergs walked. From everything they tell me, times are hard for a punk band in Syracuse (never mind what fans of Perfect Pussy might tell you). They are scene lifers, believers, and they deserve better.

It felt good to have them in Philly, to be able to have them play in front of a (small, small, SMALL) crowd of people who hadn’t heard them before, but responded in the live setting. I know they left with more fans than they arrived with, and we were able to throw a show to some good people.

Like I said up top, I never expected this to be a band that could do that for someone. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where Science Club goes from here, what I’d like to see it do, and what I think it’s capable of. At the very least, if we can be a band that helps out other bands, be it with a venue or a bill or a crowd, I’m going to call us a success. I didn’t think we’d be able to help people. Anytime we are, we’re winning.

Never forget how weird looking I am.

Never forget how weird looking I am.

The Deets:

  • Thanks to John from the Sexy Teens for coming out and MC-ing the show / singing “No Ghost” for me so I could take a breather.
  • Thanks to Screwjack for opening. I could say that we did him a favor by throwing him a show, but the truth is he’s going to be just fine without us.
  • Thanks again to Lucky 33 for making down to the show and playing a man down. Apologise as well for giving you bad directions off 476. I’m not a great person sometimes.
  • Thanks and RIP to Jrs Bar. I don’t know where Science Club would be without you, and I don’t know what we’re going to do now that you’re gone (just kidding, we’re going to rock the fuck out).
  • I don’t remember the set list at all. I know we played “Train in Vain” because Jared sang, and I know we played “A Future Sure to Come” because Jared from Lucky 33 requested it, but outside that, it’s a clusterfuck. I think we played two new songs, “Feelings: The Song” and “RPGs,” which will be on our forthcoming album, which we’re recording in September.

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