Slicker Than the Guy with the Thing on His Eye

"... And then he threw it into the moon."

Not picture: Nick REALLY not liking this.

Let’s catch everyone up on what Science Club has been up to:

  • Our first EP is still in the works. The tracks are done and we hope to have the thing pressed and ready to sit in a box on our shelves in the next few months.
  • We played a show at a bar in Manayunk called the Grape Room. It was not our best show. We played for a crowd of young alumni, last on a bill that included three other bands with a wide appeal. I guess people just don’t want to hear shouty punk music at 12:30 a.m. Whatever. It was fun, it was a show. We got burritos and I carried Nick’s amp over my head, which Nick did not like one bit, let me tell you. I think this was the set list, but honesty, I can’t really remember:

1)   Dancing in the Dark
2)   Song in the Sea
3)   Us (Regina Spektor cover. Still not quite there yet)
4)   Straight-Edge Irony
5)   Scares
6)   We Have So Much in Common (We Should Date Forever) (This might be the first time we’ve played this live)
7)   Funky C
8)   I’m Proud of my Cub Scout
9)   The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton

  • We’re working on new songs, including new covers.
  • We might be a bar band, but we also might not be a bar band. This will make more sense in the future.
  • I missed band practice the other week because I went to NYC then came home and played basketball for hours, forgetting I had agreed to practice. I think this is how Led Zeppelin broke up, too. Needless to say, I’m fired.
  • Personally, Joe is moving in with his fiancé (I actually wrote a song about it, you’ll hear it soon enough). Nick went on vacation and rode a bike. I live in PA again. That’s about it.

Anyway, here’s a demo I did. It’s called “Molly” here, but that is not going to be its ultimate name. If you are a member of The Thermals or Fake Problems and you want to sue me, please do not.

Nate Adams Science Club Demo – Molly


All These Cops Are Trying to Bring us Down

Devil eyes

Joe Pelone: History's Greatest Lover?

Nick and I practiced for our show in Brooklyn this past Sunday. Joe wasn’t there because he doesn’t love us anymore.

We worked on older songs that I had written later in 2010 / early 2011. A couple of them sounded pretty good. I think people will really like “The Best Punk Band in the World.” I think, with a little work “RPGs” will be a great song, kind of a different look for us. We’ve got one called “Cover Bands” that Nick does some great backing vocals for.

More importantly, Nick and I wrote a song together called … well, I forget what we called it, but I named it “Straight Edge Irony” on my iTunes. It’s a silly song, but I like it a lot. Some of my favorite Science Club tunes come from when we write songs together (“Funky C,” “Go, Boldly”). Feels good to do that again.

Look for this on a fictional 7″ single bundled with “The Mighty Us” and “Scrapbook.”

Straight Edge Irony


Burning Off The Bullshit


The handsomest band in the handsomest land.

In the interest of all this New Year’s nonsense, here’s a demo Nick and I did at his house. Right now, it is about ducks (OR IS IT?) (Nah, it is totally about ducks). We’re going to rewrite it with less mistakes in the middle and actual word. Hopefully it’ll sound less like Raffi-meets-the Violent Femmes when we’re done with it.

The Mighty Us

Science Club: Still a Thing!

Blurred for your safety

From the Next Big Thing's record release show. We were the worst / fastest band there.

Hello, Team.

Happy 2011 to all.

Science Club will hopefully do the following things in the next few months:

  • Record some manner of demo / EP, complete with album art and (potentially) physical copies for purchase.
  • Play at least a few shows, including one in Brooklyn NY, where I promise to get dangerously drunk and make everyone feel uncomfortable. This show may potentially feature our frenemies in the Next Big Thing, whose most recent EP features the best album-closing punk song since “The Disaster March.”
  • I haven’t run this by Joe and Nick yet, but I’d like to make a T-shirt. Not that I really expect anyone to shell out money for a Science Club shirt, but I feel the best way to prove that you were ever a band is to get a t-shirt made, because then there is physical proof you existed, but no audio evidence of shitiness, so I can lie to people in the future about how awesome it was the one time my band opened up for Japanther in someone’s basement in Philadelphia.

In the mean time, here are a few demos for you to scoff at. The first one is a wordless-as-recorded punk song, titled “Morris County Recycles” here, but will be forever known as “I’m Proud of My Cub Scout” everywhere else. The second is a Christmas song I wrote solely because I had limited-time access to a ukulele. I’ve always liked the idea of writing a Christmas song, but the enterprise is much more difficult in practice than one would realize.

Morris County Recycles

I Am Going To Destroy You (Merry Christmas)

– Nate