I Come From Chino, so All Your Threats are Empty

A rough mockup

Not all of our songs are about dolphins. I promise.

We got our master CD in the mail yesterday. Not sure when it’s going to come out, but we will have physical and digital copies. There will be extensive liner notes to accompany physical copy, including lyrics (both as originally written and as performed, because I’m bad at remembering), song explanations, oral history of the band, top 10 lists, two comprehensive lists of thanks yous and, of course, the REAL version of picture above as designed by Nick.

In the mean time, here’s a bonus track in anticipation of the full EP release.

When we started this band, we had one original song and about four Mountain Goats covers. While we don’t play “No Children” or “The Mess Inside” as much as we used to, we’ve been closing our shows with “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” since jump street. If you aren’t familiar with the Mountain Goats and you like the song, you really need to check them out because this doesn’t do them much justice.

Regardless, help yourself to this track we did in the Failure Ballad sessions for MOTHERLOVIN’ free.

Brooklyn this weekend. EP coming soon. New songs being written. I’m moving back to Philly. Things are looking up.

Download: The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton (Failure Ballads Bonus Track)


Dreams DO Come True!

Ok, so once again, I’m in this NJ coffee shop. Something beautiful is happening.

There is  this stigma about coffee shops that paints them as one half beatnik hipster jazz dork hangout and one half shoeless, unwashed hippy headquarters.  One tenant of this perception is the “guy quietly strumming his guitar,” a would-be fixture in every aloof coffee barn in town.

Now, I’ve been in a shit-load of coffee shops and in none of them have I encountered a dude strumming guitar. Sure, I’ve been to some open mic nights, but that is different. However, today, at this very coffee shop, not 10 feet away from me is a floppy-haired, checkered shirt wearing hipster dude with a banged up acoustic guitar and he is strumming it softly! Oh my God!

And, even better, he totally sucks! He isn’t even playing a song! He reminds me of one of my little cousins, just banging willfully away at the family piano, making sounds for the hell of it. He’s like that, except he’s doing it to a guitar and he is probably into Fleet Foxes. This is awesome.

I mean, who the fuck plays acoustic, anyway?