Fatter, Older

A punk roctapus

This is a show we played a few weeks ago, but whatever. Octopus with a mohawk!

Nick and I got together on Friday to write some new songs. It went pretty well! Here’s where were at:

  1. We’ve got a song about being at a party but not in the way you would expect (then again, this being Science Club, it might be in exactly the way you expect).
  2. We’ve got a song that is about crime and being needlessly cruel, continuing our ongoing theme of writing songs about people with problems. Nick and I both think that this will be the song that makes bros like us. Bros!
  3. We’ve got a song about me getting both fatter and older.

He actually recorded a demo of the last one and you can hear it on our bandcamp page here.

We also talked about using a sweatshirt at a napkin, how everyone is totally gross in special, different ways and the appeal of pokemon.

In case you forgot, here are the shows we are playing:

Also, the dudes in Scatterbrain recorded some new tracks and members of Science Club will be featured in the Scatterbrain Boys Chior. Get into it.

Last thing: The picture at the top is by our friend Caroline. She made it for a show we played a few weeks ago and I wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to see it.

Well, that’s all for Science Club for now!