Slicker Than the Guy with the Thing on His Eye

"... And then he threw it into the moon."

Not picture: Nick REALLY not liking this.

Let’s catch everyone up on what Science Club has been up to:

  • Our first EP is still in the works. The tracks are done and we hope to have the thing pressed and ready to sit in a box on our shelves in the next few months.
  • We played a show at a bar in Manayunk called the Grape Room. It was not our best show. We played for a crowd of young alumni, last on a bill that included three other bands with a wide appeal. I guess people just don’t want to hear shouty punk music at 12:30 a.m. Whatever. It was fun, it was a show. We got burritos and I carried Nick’s amp over my head, which Nick did not like one bit, let me tell you. I think this was the set list, but honesty, I can’t really remember:

1)   Dancing in the Dark
2)   Song in the Sea
3)   Us (Regina Spektor cover. Still not quite there yet)
4)   Straight-Edge Irony
5)   Scares
6)   We Have So Much in Common (We Should Date Forever) (This might be the first time we’ve played this live)
7)   Funky C
8)   I’m Proud of my Cub Scout
9)   The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton

  • We’re working on new songs, including new covers.
  • We might be a bar band, but we also might not be a bar band. This will make more sense in the future.
  • I missed band practice the other week because I went to NYC then came home and played basketball for hours, forgetting I had agreed to practice. I think this is how Led Zeppelin broke up, too. Needless to say, I’m fired.
  • Personally, Joe is moving in with his fiancé (I actually wrote a song about it, you’ll hear it soon enough). Nick went on vacation and rode a bike. I live in PA again. That’s about it.

Anyway, here’s a demo I did. It’s called “Molly” here, but that is not going to be its ultimate name. If you are a member of The Thermals or Fake Problems and you want to sue me, please do not.

Nate Adams Science Club Demo – Molly

They Think I’m Big Meech

Daddy Fat Sax

A few notes from our show in NYC this past weekend:

– Thanks to Ruben for running all the sound for us. After the show, he complimented me for Science Club’s brevity of set, which probably doesn’t read very well but, trust me, it was a very well-intentioned, well-received compliment.

– Props as well to my friends in The Actual Balls for letting me sing along during “We Laugh at Danger and Break All the Rules.” They ripped it up. Also, they covered a song by Titus Andronicus, which is the number one way to my heart.

– Thanks as well to Jewel Heist, the loudest band I have ever heard in my life.

– Swimclub must be mentioned because they fucking killed it. Seriously, why aren’t you listening to Swimclub right now? There was no better band to close that gig.

Nick and Joe drove up with my girlfriend, who almost broke up the band. Nick bought a giant rice crispy treat. It was the size of a small television. We ate the shit out of it. Friday night, Nick and Joe slept on the floor even though there was a couch open. They are silly.

Saturday I drank all of the beer. Joe had one or two and Nick ate all the cookies he could. After our set, I continued to drink everything and Joe and Nick went to get food, then coffee, then see the sunlight. They had to leave early. I stuck it out and said inappropriate things. I was really rude to two of the bands, but fuck them because they were 1) dicks and 2) not friendly.

We made over $3,200 for IAVI. We had very little to do with that, but it was still totally cool to be a part of it.

There are pictures and video of all of this somewhere. I will find it.


We kind of sucked on Saturday. Not practicing + trying a new set list = near failure. People say that they liked us and I have no reason to not believe them, but I think we can do better. Next show is at the end of April. I imagine this set list will look vastly different then.

1) Video Killed The Radio Star (Soon to be retired, I think)
2) Song in the C
3) Funky C (Retired?)
4) Dancing in the Dark (Far and away the best time this song was received)
5) Go Boldly
6) Scares
7) Us (This needed some work.)
8) The Mighty Us (Awesome)
9) Cub Scout
10) Death Metal

Thank you to everyone who came. I love you.


Your Princess is in Another Castle

Don't let that jerkoff dog get the last laugh

We’re playing this on Saturday. It starts at noon and goes until at least 11 p.m.

There will be some great bands there, like our friends in Swimclub.

There will also be some bands there names so good that I wish I was in them, like Hours of Cats Arms.

While in NYC, I’m going to buy some of this.

We’re going to play everything on our soon-to-be-released EP, as well as some other songs. Covers will happen.

Everything is going to AIDS research in Williamsburg, so you should come out and be easy with money.



All These Cops Are Trying to Bring us Down

Devil eyes

Joe Pelone: History's Greatest Lover?

Nick and I practiced for our show in Brooklyn this past Sunday. Joe wasn’t there because he doesn’t love us anymore.

We worked on older songs that I had written later in 2010 / early 2011. A couple of them sounded pretty good. I think people will really like “The Best Punk Band in the World.” I think, with a little work “RPGs” will be a great song, kind of a different look for us. We’ve got one called “Cover Bands” that Nick does some great backing vocals for.

More importantly, Nick and I wrote a song together called … well, I forget what we called it, but I named it “Straight Edge Irony” on my iTunes. It’s a silly song, but I like it a lot. Some of my favorite Science Club tunes come from when we write songs together (“Funky C,” “Go, Boldly”). Feels good to do that again.

Look for this on a fictional 7″ single bundled with “The Mighty Us” and “Scrapbook.”

Straight Edge Irony


You Know What I Want To Say But I Can’t Get It Out

Science Club played an arguably successful show in Philadelphia on Friday. Many people need to be thanked:

  • Thanks to the friendly bartender who showed us how to use the bar’s soundsystem. You could have been a real snotty douche about that and you took the high road instead. I’m so jazzed on that, I don’t even mind you hitting on my girlfriend.
  • Thanks to the guitar player from the second band for letting me use your amp. Again, douch-ness could have run rampant here in so many ways, but you decided to just up and show me where the “drity” knob was and let it fly. Good look, my man. I’m glad so many people danced during your set.
  • Thanks to the guitar player from the third band for rocking a horrible mustache. Your Claudio Sanchez-meets-Cedric Bixler look was a constant source of enjoyment for me. This should be of no consequence to you, of course. Your band is from Brooklyn and that look is practically jumping the shark up there. Not to mention, you rocked the house pretty sufficiently, so fuck me, right? Good on ya, either way.
  • Thanks to J. Fox for letting us open the show. I know that, because I am friends with these dudes, everything I say is suspect but I do not understand why this band isn’t a group of mega-stars. If you are into the whole lo-fi, garage-sensibility, 90s-revival going on right now, you need to check out this band. I’ve been jealous of plenty of songwriters in my day, but never as much as I am of Justin and Dan (probably because I can reach out and touch them).
  • Thanks to friends Jim and Stu for coming out.
  • Most important of all, thank you, Super Drunk Woman who is Turning 30 Next Month. You danced to all of our songs, asked them to be shorter, asked us to play longer, called us “Science Stuff” and eventually fell asleep face-down at the bar. You were the MVP of the whole she-bang, and I will remember you always.

We’re recording an EP at the end of February. More updates as that happens.

Set List:

All the old hits, some of the new hits.

  1. Song in the Sea
  2. Video Killed the Radio Star
  3. Funky C
  4. Scares
  5. I’m Proud of Your Cub Scout
  6. Dancing in the Dark
  7. Go Boldly
  8. The Best Ever Death Metal Band

On the Hill, On the Hill

Well, how about that shit? We’re playing a show this Friday (1/28).

It’s at The Tritone at 15t and South Steet in Philadelphia, PA.

It’ll probably start around 7 p.m.

There’ll probably be a cover of about $8.

We’re playing with J. Fox.

Here’s the thing about J. Fox: I used to play in a band with Joey, the band’s drummer, and we would regularly book shows with both of us on the bill, which meant that Joey would have to play drums twice in one night. It’s not like we were playing death metal, but that’s still a high demand for a guy. Anyway, I think J.Fox is the bees knees and you would be a goddamn idiot not to check them out.

So, uh. That’s it, I guess. We aren’t going to practice for this show, so if you want to make requests, we might try to play em for the fuck of it.

Making Mistakes…For Charity! (Or, Science Club’s First Show)

I stole this image from a webcomic. Please click this picture to see whats what.

Stoled from the Internet. Click on this picture to see what's going down.

Science Club played its first show last night. Considering that we prepared for this show by not practicing for a month and eating double ice cream at the Dairy Queen in the Plymouth Meeting mall, it went just about as well as one would expect.

The inaugural voyage of the good ship SC took place on Temple’s campus in a section of their student union delightfully named “The Underground.” It was kind of like a real-life, carpeted version of “The Maxx” from Saved By The Bell in that there were booths and snacks and young adults discussing homework, etc. The whole thing was a benefit for a service trip, so there were a lot of good, kindhearted people politely clapping and smiling while we grunted and sweated and fucked up our songs.

And fuck them up, we did. Most disastrous of all the tunes was our cover of “Dancing in the Dark.” I can’t speak for Joe or Nick, but I know that I played about one wrong note for every four correct notes. Also, because I am a dickhead, I forgot the words half way through and had to resort to yelling unintelligible nonsense for a little bit. Things also got a little pulling-at-the-collar-y when we asked a room full of community service people to shout “hail, Satan!” with us during “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” (one young woman even asked us “Wait…are you serious?” right before we played the song. That was fun).

Still, it was a right good time, mistakes and all. We played fast and loud enough not to embarrass ourselves and the people of Temple were very nice to us, even offering to have us back next year. The rap band that played after us was way good, too. The band that played before us had not one but two good guitar players that made me feel inadequate. The service people were selling baked goods, and I wolfed down a bunch of cookies and chocolate until my stomach felt like quitting. Afterward, we went back to Liz’s house and played an acoustic set in her basement for our girlfriends, a few stoned kids and a hipster girl. Fun Fact: when we are playing quietly in someone’s basement so as not to wake the neighbors, we go by either Study Hall or Quiet Club.

So, all in all, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “you are the worst band ever” and 10 being “cocaine stripper Thursday,” our first show was about a 5. We fucked up a lot, but people seemed to like us and we could still look each other in the face afterward. Special thanks to Temple and to Jess Wagner for hooking some brothers up.


Since this was our first show and because it was a 20 minute set to a room full of people we didn’t know trying to make some money for a cause we knew little to nothing about, we decided to go a little heavy on the covers. I think it worked out: a nice young man named Nick did some punch-dancing while we played “Video Killed The Radio Star,” and I am told that at least four people got excited for our Mountain Goats cover. Any time you can get four out of 50 people excited for something, it’s a win.

1) Video Killed the Radio Star

2) Song in the Sea ( The Theme From Ecco The Dolphin)

3) Funky C

4) Dancing in the Dark

5) The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton



“Just hoping this isn’t the usual way our missions will go, sir.”
“Oh no, Number One, I’m sure most will be much more interesting. Let’s see what’s out there. Engage.”

	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"